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Since 1990, Healing Touch Program (HTP) has proudly granted practitioner certification to individuals who exhibit the professionalism, discipline and dedication required to meet the established criteria. The requirements are rigorous and are designed to instill knowledge, skill and confidence in the practitioner. The Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential is recognized in Energy Medicine and allopathic medicine as a significant professional accomplishment.

People around the world and from all walks of life pursue the HTCP credential. Some are already professionally aligned with health care, others are interested in becoming aligned with health care and some find that their passion to do valuable work with others is fulfilled by doing Healing Touch. Many who receive the HTCP credential use it in a private practice setting as well as in another service profession.

Certified practitioners who actively practice Healing Touch have the opportunity to step into a leadership role by mentoring others who are pursuing practitioner certification. Mentorship has always been part of the Healing Touch journey. The relationship of mentor and mentee is a dynamic one of guidance, support, nurturing and advising that is designed to instill confidence, reinforce knowledge and prepare an individual for the professional role of an HTCP. All actively practicing HTCPs are eligible to be mentors. Qualified Mentors are mentors who have demonstrated that they are objectively qualified to successfully mentor students toward program completion and practitioner certification and may supervise other mentors as well as mentees.

Those HTCPs who are personally called to formally teach Healing Touch take the next step of advancement to become a Healing Touch Certified Instructor (HTCI). Instructor certification is a serious commitment and significant achievement. HTCIs are a distinguished group of professionals who are held to a high professional standard and are regarded as leaders in the Healing Touch community.

The worldwide Healing Touch community is filled with diverse individuals who are making our world a better place with their heart-centered work. As Energy Medicine continues to gain recognition around the world the professional opportunities for the HTCP and HTCI continue to expand and deepen.


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Annual Reports

The Healing Touch Certification 2017 Annual Report is available for review by clicking here.

The Healing Touch Certification 2016 Annual Report is available for review by clicking here.

The Healing Touch Certification 2015 Annual Report is available for review by clicking here.

The Healing Touch Certification 2014 Annual Report is available for review by clicking here.


Photographs are contributed by Cathy Andersen. Cathy's photography can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathyandersen/collections.


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