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COVID-19 Update

In these challenging times, Healing Touch Certification (HTC) recognizes that those applying for certification or renewal may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to support you as best we can.

Practitioner Certification Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.
  • Exam proctoring deadlines are being extended on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.

Practitioner and Instructor Renewal Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.



Frequently asked questions about how to submit your application digitally:



 What advantage is there in uploading my application versus mailing it?
Uploading your application packet is fast, reduces copying charges, eliminates mailing costs and allows you to keep a digital copy on your computer for future reference. It also reduces the time and mailing costs to get your packet to the reviewers as this is done in a seamless digital process.

 What is the Digital Process?

  • You create a single .pdf fileor.zip folder of your application packet (includes complete application with any required forms)
  • You upload the .pdf file or.zip folderthat contains your application packet
  • The HT Certification Administrator (CA) informs the appropriate reviewers that your packet is ready for review.
  • Reviewers go on-line, download and read/print your packet. Only the HT Certification Administrator and the assigned reviewers have password access to your packet.
  • Your packet is filed in an offsite, secure, digital format and held for the required period of time.
  • The rest of the certification process remains the same as with non-digital packets.

 What file format should I use for my application if I want to upload it?

  • You mayupload your application packet as a single .pdf file or .zip folder
  • All application requirements and forms must be contained in one .pdf file.
  • Multiple .pdf files are not acceptable.
  • If a specific form requires a manual signature, you must print the form, sign, scan and include in the correct order in the .pdf file.
  • The documents or forms in the .pdf file should be in the same order as the application checklist.
  • Documents in the.zip folder need to be named with clear numeric or alphabetic order to indicate the same order as the application checklist.

 How do I create a .zip file of my complete application?

Place all your documents are in a single folder with correct numeric or alphabetic titles. Be sure to break the file names into the categories on the checklist. Example: 1a_app form, 1b_checklist, 1c_course comp, 2_resume, 3a_Ref A, 3b_ref b, 3c_ bib. Full titles are not needed. Practitioner packets will have too many pages to simply number them. Then:

  • Locate the folder that you want to zip.
  • Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location. To rename it, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Rename, and then type the new name. Please be sure your folder is named correctly: last name_first name_abbreviated appplication title_year

 How do I create one (1) .pdf file of my complete application?
There are several ways:

  • Use appropriate software, Adobe Acrobat Professional being the most common
  • Create on-line through Adobe Create PDF - http://createpdf.adobe.com. They have a free trial and a $9.99 month subscription
  • Complete your packet as a Word Document and save as a .pdf file
  • Scan your complete document using your printer (if it has scanning capability) or take your complete document to a service such as FedEx Print and Copy
  • You can Google “create pdf” to find other services and tips

 How do I name my application file?
Your packet file should be named as follows: last name_first name_abbreviated appplication title_year.pdf

  • Please include the underscore "_" as indicated.
  • Application abbreviation could be PC for Practitioner Certification or PR for Practitioner Renewal

 How do I upload my application?

  • If you are a new applicant, click Digital Submission to register. (if you are registered you can simply login)
  • Choose what packet you will be paying for and uploading
  • Fill out the required information
  • Click digital application
  • Fill out payment information and submit
  • Logout of the website and then log back in. "Doc Exchange" will appear in the top meun bar.
  • Click on or hover over the "Doc Exchange" tab in the top menu bar.
  • Click on the relevant menu item to your packet submission. Example: "Submit Instructor Packet".
  • Type the "Title" of your packet (i.e. last name_first name_PC_2016), make sure the "Upload a file" tab is selected, Click "Choose File" to select the pdf or zip from your local computer, Add a description if you wish, Finally click the "Submit" button to the upper right of the screen.
  • Note: Once you click the "Submit" button, wait until the upload is complete, do not click back or leave the website or your file will not be submitted
  • A notice will appear that your upload was successful
  • If the review team requires any additional information, you can simply log-in and upload what is needed
  • If you have questions email certification@healingtouchprogram.com or call the office 210-497-5529

 May I mail my application in if I choose?
Yes, you may mail in your packet. Simply follow the instructions for mailing in the packet.

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