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COVID-19 Update

In these challenging times, Healing Touch Certification (HTC) recognizes that those applying for certification or renewal may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to support you as best we can.

Practitioner Certification Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.
  • Exam proctoring deadlines are being extended on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.

Practitioner and Instructor Renewal Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.



FAQs and Quick Facts about the Test and Accreditation can be found below.


Can I learn which items I answered incorrectly so that I can learn from the exam?

We are not able to go into detail about answers of specific questions because of some of the constraints placed on us to meet the accreditation standards. The exam is used to evaluate an individual’s knowledge, skills, and ability, and so is not supposed to be used as a teaching tool. There is also a requirement for exam security that prevents us from going into more detail about answers to specific questions.

Why is my rescored result for the exam lower than my average for each of the separate domains?

The exam software does not allow us to show the percentages of scored items answered correctly on the rescored exams or we would provide that. We apologize, but that is simply a limitation of the software.

How are the standards set for which questions to use and the minimum score needed to pass?

The statistics for all respondents on the exam and which items are answered correctly and incorrectly are carefully monitored to ensure continued validity and performance. The standards are set according accepted methods for high stakes testing by a panel of Subject Matter Experts.

Does “Entry Level” in the name of the exam mean that there will be another exam for advanced practitioners?  

Entry Level in the name Healing Touch Certified Practitioner Entry Level Proficiency Exam only means that this test is designed to be passable by any competent practitioner at or above the entry level.

Are rescored results available for the pilot exams broken down by domain?

Unfortunately the exam software is not capable of displaying the breakdown by domain for only scored items, therefore the result by domain is unavailable for the pilot test.


Quick Facts about the Accreditation Exam:

Pilot Test

The pilot test was conducted between November 2011 and January 2012.

There were approximately 300 participants in the pilot test.

The pilot test contained 180 questions.

Participation in the pilot test counts to meet the HTCPs requirement for the test.


The test is to differentiate between an entry level HTCP and non-trained person.

When the test is implemented all current HTCPs will be grandfathered and will remain HTCPs, but will need to pass the HTCP Entry Level Exam before their next certification renewal.

There is a policy in place for repeating the exam in case someone fails.

The test is multiple choice.

The Exam is 100 questions, eighty scored items and twenty non-scored pilot items.

The test can be taken from any qualified proctor. (available in many libraries and schools)

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